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At the UKBPA, we're firm believers in the power of networking.


We're dedicated to connecting Black Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students,  with like-minded individuals to enrich both their professional and personal networks.


With the UKBPA, you'll find precisely that—a vibrant, welcoming environment where connections flourish, and relationships thrive.

My mentor has been particularly helpful throughout my application process for jobs and throughout my pre-reg year... I believe the help I got allowed me to get 2 job offer... I am really grateful for this as I wouldn't have had this opportunity if the UKBPA mentorship programme did not exist

- Halimah Olutayo Bakare.

Foundation Pharmacist at Hull University Teaching Hospital


Behind the UKBPA 

We have observed ample amounts of data indicating a differential experience and outcomes for black pharmacists in comparison to other ethnic groups. These inequalities have been evident for a while now but remain largely under-documented and thus overlooked. Many black pharmacists have experienced discrimination stemming from both conscious and unconscious biases.


The UK Black Pharmacists Association (UKBPA)​​ is committed to developing practical solutions to address the prevailing inequalities encountered by black pharmacists, pre-registration pharmacists and pharmacy students in the UK. We firmly believe that optimal patient care and societal well-being are achieved when all pharmacists have equal opportunities to reach their full potential, regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity​.


Our current objectives include:

  • provide financial, academic or professional insight, support and knowledge to all UK Black pharmacy members through our network platform and mentorship programme

  • Showcase the outstanding contributions of UK Black pharmacy members via our events and activities, blog channel or in our upcoming social media campaign

  • explore various practical solutions to current inequalities faces by Black pharmacy members


At UKBPA, we acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions of Black pharmacists, trainee pharmacists, and pharmacy students. Yet, all too often, our voices remain unheard and their experiences undervalued.


We're here to change that.


Your stories matter. Your experiences shape our understanding of the challenges and triumphs within the field of pharmacy. We invite you to step forward and share your journey with us.


Whether you've faced barriers, overcome obstacles, or achieved remarkable success, your story deserves to be heard. 


Share your story and let your voice be heard. Your voice matters.


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