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Empowering Excellence

Our mission is simple to empower Black pharmacists, trainee pharmacists, and students by shedding light on the factors that limit their choices and opportunities.

We aim to amplify their voices and experiences to drive real change and reduce racial discrimination in the field of pharmacy. Join us in our advocacy for a more inclusive and equitable future

Our Work


We believe in the power of community and support.

We are dedicated to hearing the stories of our members and providing them with the necessary  support.

Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive space for all members to thrive and succeed.


We share the contributions of members in the community, hospital, industry, and academia  Their dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed and we are grateful of their efforts in advancing field.


We aim to foster positive relationships among UKBPA members through networking and mentorship opportunities. We believe strong connections are key to success and are committed to helping members achieve their goals.


Thorough research and first-hand experience we provide recommendations to institutions and organizations seeking to effect positive change. We hold a steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact. 


The following stats reflects a problem, which has existed for a long time, but which is under-reported. The issue of under-reported discrimination is a serious concern that needs to be addressed. It is crucial to hear the voices of those affected in order to develop effective solutions. We are committed to working towards a more inclusive and equitable society. 

Low Pass Rates

In 2016,  Black African students achieved a pass rate of 66.2%, the lowest of all the listed ethnicities. Yet, despite promises to address this, the prominent organisations in pharmacy, pharmacy training organisations and the pharmacy schools have failed to provide a tangible solution.

15% Point Awarding Gap

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data for academic years 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 suggests there is a 15% point awarding gap (also known as attainment gap) between white pharmacy students and black,  pharmacy students in the UK

Bullying and Harassment 

A report published by NHS England last year found that there had been a rise in Black and minority staff experiencing harassment, bullying or abuse from colleagues from 27% in 2016 to 29% in 2019, while their white counterparts’ figure remained at 24%. 

Senior Leadership

The “snowy white peaks” of the NHS research report showed that black and ethnic minorities made up only 2.5% of very senior managerial roles of London NHS trust boards, despite more than two in five of their workforce being from a BME background.

Fitness to Practice

In 2017, Pharmacists who identified as 'Black African' constituted 8.6% of fitness-to-practice cases. 'Black African' pharmacists only make up 5.6% of the profession - which equates to a 46.7% over-representation in fitness-to-practice. This is in contrast to a 36.6% under-representation of their white counterparts

At UKBPA, we acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions of Black pharmacists, trainee pharmacists, and pharmacy students. Yet, all too often, our voices remain unheard and their experiences undervalued.


We're here to change that.


Your stories matter. Your experiences shape our understanding of the challenges and triumphs within the field of pharmacy. We invite you to step forward and share your journey with us.


Whether you've faced barriers, overcome obstacles, or achieved remarkable success, your story deserves to be heard. 


Share your story and let your voice be heard. Your voice matters.


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