UKBPA Board 

Meet the faces of our extraordinary UKBPA 2020-2022 executive board members who are advocating for inclusion and equality within the pharmacy, acting as a voice for the silent and shining a light on the outstanding contributions of black pharmacy members  

President and Founder 
I created the UKBPA with the vision to raise awareness of racial inequities and showcase the outstanding contributions done by UK black pharmacists
Vice President
I joined the UKBPA because I am passionate about ensuring minority groups are adequately represented in the larger pharmacy community and we receive recognition for our continued hard work
Regional Lead of North England 
Vacant - recruiting 
Regional Lead London and South East England
I joined the UKBPA as i believe all black members in pharmacy should achieve their true potential regardless of any obstacles they may face.
Regional Lead Wales and West England 
I joined the UKBPA because I strive to make sure every UK black pharmacy member feels supported and reaches their full potential 
Regional Lead Scotland and Northern Ireland 
I joined the UKBPA to help promote and support the interests of black pharmacists, pre-reg and students
Welfare Officer
I joined UKBPA to support black pharmacists in maximising their career potential 
Education/Training lead 
I joined UKBPA because I believe in the vision. I am very passionate about helping others climb up the ladder 
Secretary and communication lead 
I joined the UKBPA to help lift and empower others by connecting members to a safe and positive community of professionals and students 
Treasurer/Organisation Lead
Vacant - recruiting
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