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Founded in 2018, we have been growing at an exponential rate and we are still growing! The work we have done in the past few years would not have been possible without the coupling of strong leadership by our elected board members and our UKBPA members.


UKBPA is committed to being the voice of UK Black pharmacy members across all sectors, and we are incredible grateful to non-UK black pharmacy members that relentlessly support our cause. We are a warm, friendly and welcoming association who raise, praise, uplift and support UK Black pharmacy members.


Join UKBPA  

If you identify as Black and are a pharmacist, trainee pharmacist or pharmacy student, our association will hold our commitment to boldly represent your interests, fight racial inequality in your stead and support you through your career in pharmacy

What are the benefits to your membership?

  • Access to our members only forum, whereby we provide support and advice for your next career move

  • Access to valuable experience and knowledge through our mentorship programme 

  • Access to network with peers across the UK who are spread across all fields of Pharmacy

  • Here it first! when it comes to exciting job opportunities

  • Access to extensive educational support to get you through university or training year

  • Access to events, webinars, discussions...etc

  • Be part of the journey to improving racial inequalities

  • Finally, gain access to an uplifting, friendly association, who are here to help you flourish in all aspects of your professional and personal life

Become an Ally

We appreciate every form of support we receive for our association. You may not identify as Black, but we would still like for you to stay connected with our community.


By subscribing to our newsletters you can stay in touch with what is going on within our association. We would like to share share the following kinds of information in the newsletter:

  • Spotlight UKBPA member

  • What we have achieved

  • What kind of things could had gone better

  • What we hope to achieve in the next coming months.

You could also join the conversation by following our social media accounts:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Donate to our cause

We greatly appreciate donations provided to us. Your donation goes towards the continued support and opportunities we provide for Black pharmacists, trainee pharmacists and pharmacy students

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