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Podcast: Why I founded the UK Black Pharmacist Association

UKBPA president Elsy Gomez Campos reveals how she worked her way up in pharmacy after moving to the UK from Cuba in the latest A Coffee With...podcast by Chemist + Druggist

" To improve the experiences of other black pharmacists in the future, Ms Gomez Campos founded the UK Black Pharmacist Association (UKBPA) in 2018. The aim of the organisation is to raise awareness of important issues in pharmacy and provide support for its 500-plus members, she says.

“We have been quite successful at doing that,” she says. One of the greatest successes of the group has been to empower black pharmacists to put themselves forward for leadership positions in the sector, Ms Gomez Campos continues. As a result, she hopes to see greater black representation in leading organisations such as the RPS board in the future, she says.

“It's about saying: ‘You are good enough and it’s about time that you go out there and show to the whole profession what it is that you can do.’

“We will support them, we will encourage them to go out there and put their heads above the parapet and say: ‘Our voices count.’”

Listen to the podcast to find out more about:

  • Wanting to become a doctor but being too squeamish with blood

  • Not being afraid of trying different things

  • The “shocking” COVID-19 risk assessment issue "

You can listen to the podcast below. Click here for the original article release from Chemist + Druggist

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