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UKBPA's response to the report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities

The report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities has given us some deep concerns. Some details within the report have evoked profound fear and anxiety amongst various individuals. This report does not seem to completely acknowledge racial disparities within the UK, despite the fact that so many citizens, organisations and inclusive leaders have already taken several progressive steps to have uncomfortable and difficult reflections in their practice in order to improve racial disparities.

We believe it is gravely concerning that the report stated the UK is a 'model for other white majority countries’. We must ask ourselves if now is the right time for the UK to be upheld as a model for racial equality. Society should continue to strive for improvement towards tackling racial inequalities, especially as many organisations have collaboratively shown compassion, and spent time and energy to recognise and address racial disparities.

Therefore, it would be premature for this report to be used as a means of celebration, when racial inequalities continues to exist within the workplace and society. We must be frank about this reality if we are to change it and persist in pushing further beyond any other countries in creating a fair and just system.

The UKBPA will continue to persevere in contributing to a far more diverse and inclusive world than our current reality, with awareness of the potential outcomes and obstacles that may arise.

Our full statement is outlined in the attached PDF document:

UKBPA Statement April 2021
Download PDF • 131KB

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