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Tips to become a UK registered pharmacist from overseas

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is the independent regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy premises in the UK. Before you can apply to register as a pharmacist with the GPhC as an Overseas qualified pharmacist, you must complete:

Meeting these criteria does not necessarily mean you will gain entry to the UK or find employment. Before you start the qualifying process you should carefully consider information provided by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) to see whether you will be able to get the necessary visas and work permits. Unfortunately we are not able to answer questions about these issues. If you decide that you do want to complete education and training in Great Britain so that you can apply to register with the GPhC, then they need to assess if you are eligible to complete an OSPAP course by considering your previous qualifications and work experience, your fitness to practise and your English language competency.

You can Complete an Applying for eligibility to complete an Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP) form so they can assess your eligibility. The UK universities currently accredited by the GPhC to offer an overseas pharmacists' assessment programme (OSPAP) are listed here. For more information on the GPhC accreditation process, please see Approval process for education and training providers.

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