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FOCUS Pre-Reg Revision

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

FOCUS Pre-Reg Revision, founded by UKBPA member Luso Kumwenda, announced immediate availability of an online revision platform, enabling pre-registration pharmacists to practice on thousands of multiple choice questions (MCQs) and calculations and receive ongoing support from peers and qualified pharmacists.

“The availability of high quality online MCQs and calculations with instant feedback and explanations greatly improves efficiency during revision and increases the chances of success at the GPhC exams,” said Luso Kumwenda, Founder and CEO at FOCUS Pre-Reg Revision.

‘Pre-registration pharmacists will benefit from the unique additional features which include practice questions being grouped into BNF chapters or clinical topics, allowing better understanding of topics and the availability of full mocks which will be released before the GPhC exams’, Luso Kumwenda added.

Positive Impact on Pre-registration Pharmacists

Many pre-registration pharmacists have reported the benefits and convenience of using Focus Pre-Reg Revision. Yolanda Chikomba, a recently qualified pharmacist, used Focus Pre-Reg Revision during her pre-registration year. Focus Pre-Reg Revision enabled Yolanda Chikomba to practice on a wide range of MCQs and calculations, identify her weak areas and remedy them well before the GPhC exams resulting in a successful outcome.

“To be able to apply my knowledge to all kinds of given scenarios is the key thing in the GPhC exam and Focus Pre-Reg Revision provides just that,” said Yolanda Chikomba.

Focus Pre-Reg Revision Availability

Pre-registration pharmacists can sign up at Focus Pre-Reg Revision by following the link below:

For more information:

More information is available at:

WhatsApp: +44 07435601054

Contact name: Luso Kumwenda

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